Derbyshire LAMB THAT



Winter Lambing

charollais lambs_edited.jpg
Mileburne Phsycho shearling ram

Mileburne Pshycho takes 1st prize shearling ram at Bakewell Ram fair 2016. Topping at £900

 Charollais sheep ram lamb 2015

Derbyshire Prime Lamb

Mileburne Charollais sheep Lamb Chops
Lamb Carcass

"Mileburne Charollais...where meat matters"Thomas Smith,Director

Breeders of Charollais Sheep

Charollais sheep Reserve Champion ewe Derby county show 2014

Reserve Breed Champion Derby County Show 2014

Photo taken by The Derby Evening Telegraph

Our First Farm

Yarlet Estate, Stafford


Working Sheep Dog

Our new sheep dog Beverton Belle Joins the team.

Beverton Butch available for stud

Members of the British Charollais Sheep society.

Flock Mileburne Charollais WPN

MV accredited Sheep


Stock Always available.