Mileburne charollais was started in 2010 by myself Thomas Smith and my wife Lucy Smith. We originally started with three commercial ewes out of bakewell market with lambs at foot. Starting in the old market town of Melbourne in south Derbyshire formally known as Mileburne in the dooms day book. We decided to take this accient name and root the flock into its birth placewhen we purchased our first pedigree ewe from the Wolston flock in 2011.


Over the years we have lambed in everything from garden sheds, stable boxes and marquee,s with last year finally making it to a proper agricultural shed. Not only have facilities been hard to gain access to, so has the batlle for land. We now run across 24 acres spread across 4 holdings.


Here at Mileburne we have invested in top bloodlines from the best flocks in the country. We no own stock from the Dalby flock, Logie Durno, Castellau flock and more recently Kingsland flock. We now have a strong flock of pedigree females. The majority of the pedigree ewes lambing in December with any failing to take to the tup early, lambing in April with our commercial cross bred flock, and pedigree LLeyns.


All flocks are MV accredited. Our future goal is to produce top quality terminal sires for commercial farmers, as being able to produce tups desired by other pedigree breeders.