Show results 2014

Derby County Show:


Shearling and senior rams:


2nd Mileburne Norman

3rd Castellau Majestic


Shearling ewe and senior:


2nd PE00533


4th Mileburne Nancy Drew


Charollais Sheep Championship


Reserve Champion




Best Derbyshire bred ewe across all breeds:


Special Prize awarded to Mileburne Nancy Drew

Ashby Show:


Shearling and senior Ram


1st Castellau Majestic


Shearling ewe


4th Mileburne Nancy Drew


Senior ewe


4th PE00533


Charollais sheep Championship


Supreme breed Champion


Castellau Majestic


Show results 2013

2013 was our first show season with Mileburne Charollais. During the season we attended three shows Derby County, Ashby and Ashbourne show. A good number of sheep attending all three events.


Derby County 2013:

1st Castellau Majestic First ( Being showed by Charles Sercombe his owner at the time) 

3rd Mileburne Mini 3rd

4th Mileburne Max 4th


Ashby Show 2013:

3rd Mileburne Max

4th Mileburne Mini


Ashbourne Show 2013:

3rd Mileburne Mini

4th Mileburne Max