Fencing as pregnant mummies allow......

Well its 4:45am and this seems to be the only time of day I get chance to have a minute....We have been in the farm a couple of weeks now and Mrs Smith has sorted the house, while I attempt to get outside how I want it. The pedigree lleyn are lambing nice and steady with very few assisted, while the April planning Charollais sheep are yet to start lambing.

The last few days I have been electric fencing fields off so I can get the 210 glimmer lambs pushed on to the next field before they eat their feet..... and also get the ewes with lambs at foot out to some nice pasture. It's a slower job than normal as I have to keep nipping back to check nothing is giving birth plus there are the case lambs who want my attention but they all seem content now and little boozy Bens.

So I was glad to reach the last fence post today and take a minute to enjoy the great view we have in Yarlet, Stafford and appreciate what the hard work is for. 

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